Seen in Cosmopolitan

L’abeille qui emballe is in April 2019 french edition of Cosmopolitan

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Article de 20 minutes sur l'abeille qui emballe

An azureen replaces aluminum and cellophane with beeswax

Read the english adaptation of the news here.

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Le tissu qui met l’alu et le film plastique au placard – in Nice-Matin

There is a very nice two page articles about us in the Nice Matin magazine Nous from november 10th !    

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GreenCling Wraps is now L’abeille qui emballe

GreenCling Wraps has moved and is now L’abeille qui emballe ! Brand new brand for our reusable & natural bees wraps ! We do not use anymore GreenCling Wraps for the english speaking people but the french brand L’abeille qui emballe. Bookmark our new site Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram

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fruits et emballage à la cire d'abeille de L'abeille qui emballe

How to conserve a fruit with a bees’ wax wrap

Watch our video describing how to wrap a fruit using L’abeille qui emballe‘s beeswax wraps

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