Tote bag coton L’abeille qui emballe


The tote bags of l’ abeille qui emballe are very useful to reduce the use of single use plastic bags that kills our marine life.

To be used without moderation !:)


Let’s protect our oceans

plastic bags have been harming our oceans and its marine life for decades. Help us to preserve mother earth, and try to reduce the most you can the use of single use plastic bag.

Using these bags for a long time will limit the ecological impact that you have on mother nature.

A report on the « cycle of life of the reusable bags » have been published in 2018 by a Danish angency that milits for the protection on the environment says that a coton bag will have a positive ecological impact if used over 148 times.


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Bee wraps ! Une taille pour chaque usage

Nos emballages écologiques et réutilisables pour remplacer cellophane et papier aluminium !
Fabriqués artisanalement dans le sud de la France avec coton certifié Oeko-Tex, cire d'abeille locale, résine de pin bio des Landes et huile de jojoba