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Ecological and reusable, these inox straws are perfect to reduce your waste when you go out or to have drinks at home. No more plastic straws at home to go “zero waste free”.

Thanks to these inox straws, drink a coconut or a coktail is now done without plastic at all!

Made in inox, we can put them in the dishwasher and they last long.

Options & packages

It is possible to add a “straw brush” to your pack of straws to wash your straws perfectly!

The inox straws ‘s price goes cheaper when you buy 5 or more of them.


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Plastic straws are in the top ten waste that I find on the beach during the clean-up with lighters, cigarett butts and all sort of food packaging. Reusable straws made of inox are an substainable option to avoid this plastic pollution.

The plastic straws have a direct and negative impact on our planet. Fortunately, there are now forbidden in France by law since the 1rst January 2020. Most single use plastic items are also forbidden which is a great news for the health of our seas.

Every little action taken are good to reduce the plastic pollution and let our oceans be healthy.


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