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My name is Guillaume (french for William). I am a surfer who has always been preoccuped about the negative impact of plastic on earth.

No more plastic !

The globalized consumption of single-use packaging has impacts on our planet that we do not necessarily see in our daily lives. Yet during my travels, I have discovered waters where garbage outnumber fishes and beaches covered with debris, even in isolated parts of the world.

Surf en Indonésie
Surf in Java: I like tubes 🙂
Ma deuxième passion, l'apnée, et bien sûr rencontrer la faune marine

A change in our way of life is necessary. Let’s start a “zero waste” attitude (I prefer to speak of waste minimization) because we are witnessing irrevocable transformations on earth: presence of micro-plastic in the food chain, diseased marine fauna and loss of many species because of ghost nets, contaminated sea salt, and the “natural” creation of a 7th continent made up of plastic (we are talking about several continents of plastic.)

It is difficult to accept but a global change is quite possible if a collective consciousness takes place and everyone tries to reduce their consumption of single-use products and to buy in a more responsible way (local, no packaging, strive for zero waste, have an “anti-waste” attitude, less fish, reuse, etc.).

Rammassage de déchets

Every action counts !

Adopt a “zero waste” attitude : collect waste, avoid buying bottled water, consume locally and in bulk, favor local markets, reuse, recycle, etc.

My commitments

With L’abeille qui emballe I am committed to replacing single-use cellophane and aluminum in kitchens with beeswax wraps that I make with natural products in my workshop in Nice. The cotton is certified ecological, the beeswax is local, the organic pine resin comes from the forests of the Landes in south-west of France…

Pollution plastique, enjeux et solutions 🌊🐝

In addition, I am personally involved in awareness-raising or waste collection actions, with associations such as Paddle Cleaner and Opération Mer Propre.